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$ About dailyprog.org

by satou | 2018-06-27

This article was created due to a lack of an in-depth explanation about who we actually are and what it is that we actually do at dailyprog.

Our history

Not much has been said about the early beginnings of the dailyprog community. A lot of it remains hidden, from a time where itsumi was not built, or even had the functionality to log our messages.

Our name is inspired out of 4chan’s /g/dpt thread. As /g/ is a board which some of us browse and post on, and we we’re almost always just talking about our projects, it seemed like a pretty good name.

In essence, the dailyprog community was founded by mabynogy, kenster and myself.


The founders met in the slasheva channel, that served the purpose of being a discussion group for creating an elevated voice assistant, idea courtesy of mabynogy. The voice assistant was planned to be built in C++ (with a twist of Common Lisp) but it hasn’t seen the light of day, as of now the project stays on hold.

Kenster even made memes about it!

Present day, heh… present time!

At the time of me writing this article, our IRC channel currently had 36 online users, 3 ops, and 6 halfops. We are a pretty strongly-knit community, we sometimes review eachothers code, help fix bugs or contribute to projects.

While I was writing this article:

Future plans