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$ hfc: drawer, holy programmer creator and jspainter author

by mabynogy | 2018-07-09

Here is an overview of hfc programming and artistic activities.


jspainter is a drawing program written in js. The program provides the usual painting toolbox and can replay all the user actions since the beginning.

Some mindblowing replays made by hfc:

Another one made by an anon:

Someone recently drew a dragon ;-)

hfc took his inspiration from a java applet called Shi Painter.

Holy programmers

hfc is the author of the holy programmers (a 4chan /g inspired meme). The last in date is Bjarne Stroustrup who invented C++.


hfc installed Mosh for us on the server. Mosh is a neat ssh client hiding to the user the connectivity problems often happening on mobile devices.

Painting and music

HN thread: news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17489469