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$ The Hackerchan project

by mabynogy | 2018-11-07


We are starting a new project called hackerchan.

services for communities

hackerchan will provide the same services as dailyprog to many communities:

We should move later dailyprog inside hackerchan.


At the moment, only the IRC server is up. You can join us with:

 /server -ssl hackerchan.org 6697

A temporary kiwiirc instance is also available.

We are running oragono (an IRC and ircv3-compatible server written in Go) kindly set up for us by slingamn.

machine and commands

The server is a beefy i7 with 16Gb of RAM and and 2Tb HDD.

As most of the work will happen on the server, I’ve started to program some commands for the daily tasks:


We now have a radio (accessible with vlc for now) made by pp!


A dedicated post with more details about the radio should be published soon.


socraticdev is opening a second dailyprog meetup in Québec city (Canada).

We will write a tool to help people to organize their own meetup. It should be a little form where the user could enter his email to get a reminder few days before the event.

socraticdev started a page about the meetup project.