marc m.
Programming and technical lead
technical life path - mastering javascript (since 5 years) - writing C++ and PHP since the beginning of those languages (decades for C++, since around 2000 for PHP) - experimented in Lua (with standalone luajit and Love 2D) - esperienced in linux (debian and centos) and of course windows (including active directory and COM APIs) - has administered many public servers over the years (iptables, unix users management, virtualisation and webservers) leadership - cofounder of the daily programming community: - cofounder of Hacker News Paris meetup: - cofounder of a realestate search engine (like trulia) main professionnal involvements 2003-now freelance webdeveloper: realisation of MVPs (speech-to-text and search engines), backoffices (one for a french TV show) and a lot of custom websites (mostly in wordpress) you can reach me on at