cam2text: Teletext selfies with a web cam

Here is a fun project for you.

All you need is a webcam, the Processing IDE and my software. What it does is it takes a webcam image and processes it into a teletext image. Your face can be on a teletext page
It certainly works on Windows, I'm not sure if it runs on any other platform.
teletext selfie

Installing Processing3

It needs the Processing IDE which you can download from Look at the download link and download the latest stable release for your platform. Unzip all the files and put them somewhere where you can find them.

Installing cam2text

Create a folder called cam2text. You must give it this exact name as Java requires it to match the source file name.
Right click on these links and save the PDE files in the cam2text folder

Running cam2text

Run processing and open the file called cam2text.pde Once loaded you should be able to run it. It finds your webcam, and starts generating a teletext bitmap. It is very coarse as you'd expect from teletext and you'll have to experiment with the lighting. When you have a picture that you like press the space bar. It should launch your selfie directly into the online teletext editor. You might need to do Sketch->Import Library and select the video library.

July 5, 2016: Updated to work with the latest Processing3 and pages are now sent to