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Some guy on the internet. Background in embedded systems. University student, music nut. I like C.


RyukOS: An experimental real-time embedded operating system. Replaces the UNIX "everything is a file" philosophy with "everything is a socket." More of a proof of concept than anything else, but the goal is dynamic firmware loading without microkernel overhead.

Dailypack: A barebones Continuous Delivery platform. Designed for use on the dailyprog site for automating builds with minimal overhead. Uses REML for for its build configurations (also is used to build REML, go figure). Written in Kotlin.

REML: A minimal markup language designed for configuration files. REML has 4 basic data types, as well as objects and comments. A complete reader/writer library is available in Kotlin, and is the backbone of Dailypack.

PicoBF: Just a Brainfuck interpreter. Has an interactive mode, and allows the chaining of multiple files in a single runtime. Written in C.

PC-GPIO: An API for controlling microcontroller IO over RS-232 serial. Sort of like Profibus, but much, much simpler. IoT meme rejoice. Written in C.

lurk.py: A simple multithreaded 4chan image scraper. Give it thread numbers, and it will continuously download new photos posted to those threads. Written in Python.

ascii-weeb: Generates ASCII art from URL or waifu name given in terminal. Supports JPG and PNG. Output automatically scales to terminal width, or can be specified with the -s flag. Has flags for inverting output and gradient type. Written in C.