Dailyprog have seen many devs working on TSFW. TSFW means ‘Tasty Shapes with Friends’. It is a reference to Mighty Boosh quote. “shapes” is slang for the shapes formed on a wave by an envelope in synthesis. According to ptdel “tasty” just means good. So ‘tasty shapes’ = funky music.

It is a music streaming service used as a community radio shared by Dailyprog’s users. ptdel and Googlebot reopened the code during the Holidays in order to better our listening experience :

  • bugs were fixed
  • deploying is easier
  • it is now a web based radio :
  • ‘you don/’t have to wait 10 seconds and you instantly know if the stream is even running’
  • the web radio is fully encrypted with https (who cares but … 🤷)
  • custom made jingles now play between songs

Sharing beats with friends online is cool and creates a common culture.