Here are some news about dailyprog’s regulars :

  • kenster is still following the script ! This newly minted CEO did build and start showing a demo of his product to interested parties.

  • Googlebot started integrating TSWF to a very cool looking Winamp web client. Ask him about it !

  • Tekdude is satisfied with the latest version of his music app and will be demoing it. You can have a look at this cool app right now :

  • socraticdev is pushing the envelope by giving a lightning talk at a local meetup. He is talking about how different it is to code for a static site. Especially how to figure out where to add that line of code to generate a proper url slug despite the presence of diacritics characters in the original string.

    • socraticdev also added a cat emoji to the chat section of dailyprog’s website. In french the word ‘chat’ means cat.